Viktor & Rolf – Secret Service

I am so excited about the Viktor & RolfFlowerbomb Secret Service!

          photo 1

         Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb Discovery Kit, including Shower Gel, Body Cream & Body Lotion

photo 4

Bomblicious – Body Lotion

photo 3

Voluptious – Body Cream

photo 4

Perfumed Shower Gel

All the Discovery Kit products feel like silk on the skin, and the beautifully & non over powering scent of the Flowerbomb Parfum just beautifully exudes out of the products – Beauty heaven! ❤

This Secret Service enables you to access a world created by Viktor & Rolf 

& awards you on your Flowerbomb Parfum purchases 🙂

Flowerbomb lovers & members only !

As part of the Secret Service & a proud member I have received the

Viktor & RolfFlowerbomb Discovery Kit!

To access the Secret Service world & become a Member purchase a Flowerbomb Parfum & access the service here!

Hope you have enjoyed my bomblicious Viktor & Rolf post 🙂

Lots of love ❤

I am Serenel


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