Tracks Movie 2014 – UK Premiere Screening & Q+A with Robyn Davidson

I am absolutely thrilled that I was a part of the Tracks Movie2014 Premiere Screening & Q+A that took place yesterday 14th April 2014 @ The Soho Hotel, Soho, London.


Thank you Glamour UK, Tracks Movie & of course Robyn Davidson – in which the film’s true life encounters is based on!

photo 1

Copies of the Tracks books were on offer, neatly stacked & accompanied by candle lighting – at the Soho Hotel.

photo 2

The wonderful Bartender serving cold beverages before the screening began.

photo 3

The Screen – about to start Tracks!

Tracks – Shot in Australia  – is based on Robyn Davidson’s (Played by Mia Wasikowska) Solo Exploration of 2000 miles through Scorching Australian Desert !

Below are some scenes from the film!


Robyn (Wasikowska) with Rick – played by (Adam Driver)


Towards the end of the 2000 milesRobyn (Wasikowska) reaches her end point -Triumphantly!

The Q+A – After the screening with Robyn Davidson – opened up a conversation of wonder, reality & invited us as the audience into a glimpse of her emotions, during & after her experiences – a moment of inspiration and fantasy as she spoke so positively about what she learnt from her solo trek & how it moulded her as an individual!

Truly an inspiration for women out there, thank you Robyn Davidson.

The film was engaging & beautifully told the remarkable journey of ‘The Camel Lady‘ – Robyn Davidson. A journey of self discovery, affection, friendship & reality.

A film worth seeing – out in the UKApril 25th!

Lots of love ❤

I am Serenel



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