Moroccanoil Magic

   I am so excited about Moroccanoil Hair & Beauty products!

Moroccanoil is a luxurious hair & beauty line product – using Argan oil as the main ingredient in their products.

        Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 19.06.45

          photo 3

Exactly what the message says on the note accompanying the Moroccanoil products for me to experience!

  photo 1

Lets see what magic a little Moroccanoil can do! 

& that is exactly the impact the Moroccanoil hair products did – They were magical!

I have experienced the Intense Hydrating Hair Mask

   photo 5

I am in love with this Hair Mask – It has done wonders for my hair!

My hair type is: dry – thick – curly

The Hydrating hair mask enabled moisture & created a healthy natural glow for my hair.  It also assisted in reducing the frizz in my hair & reduced the effect of frizz generating from the rising temperature of the weather!!

– To use the Hydrating Mask by Moroccanoil – You must apply a teaspoon sized amount of oil on wet hair after shampooing & leave for 5-10 minutes before rinsing < to achieve the best results >

I definitely recommend this hair product for all hair types, however this is an essential product to try out if you suffer from dry, coarse, over-tired & over-styled  < through vigorous use of hair equipment/products > hair types.

to buy the Hydrating Hair Mask – Press here!


Moroccanoil is a light, healthy & effective hair product line

& did I mention it smells GREAT!

photo 2-6sdd

I also experienced the Moroccanoil treatmentLight 

– which is suitable for fine & light coloured hair


photo 1-9w

the Moroccanoil Treatment For all hair types

– which is universal for all hair types!

The Moroccanoil Treatment is the Award winning signature product of the Moroccanoil brand.

I applied the Moroccan TreatmentArgan oil ( for all hair types)

using towel dried hair:

After towel drying my hair I applied a teaspoon amount of the oil & massaged it through my scalp – to the ends!

It instantly felt silky & improved the moisture appearance of my hair!

After my hair had dried – the reduction of frizz was evident & a natural shine was visible – that looked healthier + the oil has a natural, fresh smell exuding out of the bottle & this is enough to make you need it in your hair!

dry hair:

After drying my hair I noticed the strength & the natural glow of my hair appearance was instantly improved

& so I applied a small amount of the oil on the ends of my hair to help maintain the  healthy appearance of my hair!

to buy the Moroccanoil Treatment for All hair types – Press here!

& for the Moroccanoil Treatment for fine & Light coloured hair types – Press here!


The Moroccanoil Treatment is definitely a proven product in enabling a naturally glowing, healthy, & strong head of hair, that will smell & look, & FEEL GREAT  & is definitely a recommendation of mine to try!

If you are interested in finding more about Moroccanoil Products – Press here!

Lots of Love ❤

I am Serenel


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