Mulberry Price Cuts!



Above: Cara Delevingne modelling her Taupe Silky Classic Calf – with Lion Rivets handbag –Mulberry

I am one for the price cuts that Mulberry is inducing as I am a fan of the brand but since my purchase of a Mulberry hand bag back in 2008 – I must say the prices have risen to maintain the exclusivity of the brand & its consumers!

Bruno Guillon Former Chief Executive of Mulberry increased the value of the Mulberry prices in order to preserve consumers who were purchasing from ‘Pricerier’ brands! …

However, the demand for lower priced ‘branded’ products has increased in this modern society – due to the uprise of more economically efficient individuals…

-People have begun to sport the Michael Kors of the fashion world.


Above: Cara Sporting her Green Quilted Nappa HandbagMulberry Collection

What are your thoughts on the Mulberry Price cut & do you believe that the price cuts will draw in a wider consumer range?

–  & will the introduction of Delevingne’s  Mulberry Handbag collection in February 2014 draw in a wider consumer base of younger Fashionistas in the long run?

Lots of Love ❤

I am Serenel 


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