Rain Rain Go Away – Fake Bake your way to Sunshine!

I am not going to let the sad put a damper on my happiness & so I reviewed the Fake BakeBeyond Bronze tanning collection in order to bring a little bit of sunshine into this Rainy London day!

  photo 1-18

So rain rain Go away :)!!

           photo 4

I placed the Beyond BronzeFake Bake Instant Tanning cream

– in Matte Light on my left leg

& no surprise Instant results of a beautiful natural glow 

(streak free) appeared & it is fast drying !

+ the cream smells absolutely delicious (you could eat it)… < but don’t!! ❤

Can you see the instant results?

               photo 1

& in case you want to know more about my Snake effect Block Heel Sandals

They are Topshop!

& the Nail polish is Au NaturelTopshop – to purchase press here!

& to purchase from the FAKE BAKEBeyond Bronze collection – press here!

Lots of Love ❤ ❤

I am Serenel 


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