I am absolutely blessed to have been gifted this amazing Balancing Apricot Kernel Oil – Anne Semonin from Liberty, London.


Anne Semonin is a French Brand – with over 25 years of Spa, Skin care & beauty product presence.



I experienced the Huille de Noyau D’Abricot Reequilibrante – which is the Balancing Apricot Kernel Oil 

This is a soothing Night oil, to use about 5 drops a night on the face & neck area, for 3 weeks. 

– Use 2-3 times a year

– This oil is great on sensitive skin, as I have easily irritable skin & this oil is perfect for this skin type

Immediately as I placed the oil on my face, and smoothly used my fingertips to smooth the oil into my face & neck area.

The oil immediately felt soft, & not heavy on my skin

& a scent of Lavandin & Citrus immediately struck my nose buds, it smells absolutely divine.

– After application, I instantly felt my skin was smoother, & it felt relaxing.

– The Kernel Oil contains marjoram which acts as an  anti-oxidant and the oily extract of Centella Asiatica which  is known for its softening powers.

I definitely recommend this oil for reduction of acne, & for detoxifying your skin & will instantly reduce fatigue appearance, and feeling of fatigue.


& thank you again Liberty London for the lovely message I have enjoyed every moment of this Oil!

soothing-apricot-kernel-oil-enlarge– to purchase the Anne SemoninBalancing Kernel Oil – press here!

Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L



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