Getting the Perfect Cat Eye

I am a lover of Eyeliner on the eye lids for a Winged/Cat eye look, but as we all know it is a headache to achieve a symmetrical winged eye look ( The Cat eye) on both eyes!

Either one eye looks great & the other looks like you’ve just been smothered in shoe polish, so here is my easy guide to getting a cat eye eyeliner look!!

& so partially it is the tools you use!

& the way you apply the eye liner on the eye lid!


Getting the Product you use right

I use one of 3 products that I will show you below

1) MacFluidline Gel Liner 

& Mac209 Eye Liner Brush



I recommend the MacFluidline Gel Liner, as it is easy to glide the gel on the eye lid, and the 209 Eye liner brush will enable a smooth & precise application.

This is because the 209 Eye liner brush features a fine tipped synthetic brush with a firm grip that will enable an even strokes without leaking!!

2) MacPenultimate Liquid Eye Liner 

photo 4


photo 5

I cannot stress to you all enough on the beauty of this Penultimate Liquid eye liner from Mac !!

I use this eye liner to achieve my cat eye in less that one minute application time!

The fine tip of the pen enables a precise gliding stroke & is the crème de la crème of the easy eye liner applicator world!!

& lastly but not least

3) Lancôme ArtlinerPrecision Point liquid Eyeliner



Now the Lancôme ArtlinerPrecision Point liquid Eyeliner is the first Liquid eye liner I’ve invested in & never fails to assist me in achieving a Subtle or Dramatic cat eye!

It is handy, when you need to correct & fill in empty strokes

& is a helpful liner tool!

It has a handy fine foam tip with an easy handling, that enables you create a combination of eye liner thicknesses!

I recommend this product definitely for its multi-combination capabilities!

& now the Eyeliner look!

Here are my Cat-eye eye liner examples on my FOTD (Face of the day) Make up look!

1) Using the MacFluidline Gel Liner & 209 eye liner brush


2) Using the MacPenultimate Liquid eye liner


3) Using Lancôme ArtlinerPrecision Point Eyeliner


& For & if you are loving my Eye shadow, I Blended Limit & Burnout from the Urban DecayNaked 3 eye shadow Palette 


 to purchase press here!

M45F to purchase press here!

MCMF to purchase press here!

b_041039 to purchase press here!

Urban_Decay_Naked_3_Palette_1390465112 to purchase press here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Getting the Perfect Cat Eye Tutorial

Lots of love ❤

I am Serene L



    1. Thank you 🙂 I like to bring an element of delicateness & femininity through & the naked 3 palette is perfect for subtle/ glittery based pinks-beiges & browns 🙂 xx

  1. I’m a massive fan of the liner pens both personally and on my clients. Its so easy to create eyeliner perfection with these. I just make a mess with the other options 🙂

    1. Honestly I agree with you 100% haha the liner pens are a safe option & they get the job done in half the time which is Heavenly!! 🙂 sometimes I clean up tiny messes with a pointed ended cotton bud! < that saves me having to re do the eye Again & again :p x

      1. There’s one here in Australia that I particularly like as its very fine and long its by Models Prefer Makeup. Yes Cotton buds are very handy! I often use a makeup wipe over the tip for prevision removal :p

    1. Did you try the Fluidline Mac one – it is the felt tip kind of one! < I promise you I swear by it! It is easy to control & is perfect for creating smooth – thick strokes! I am glad you enjoyed my post! & thank you 🙂 !!


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