Make-up FOTD Pretty & Natural

I am drawn to using light pinks for my everyday style of make up & today the weather was absolutely cold & damp, so I opted for a slightly exaggerated Cat Eye, with Pink eyeshadow & a subtle Red/Pink Lip Shimmer!

photo 3-29

My FOTD ( Face of the day) Make up Look is named: Pretty & Natural


To Create the Cat Eye Look above I followed these steps

1) Primed my eyes ready for eyeshadow using the Urban DecayEyeshadow Primer Potion


2) Applied Limit from the Naked 3Urban Decay Eyeshadow palette/ with the eyeshadow brush available in the palette – over the whole eye & under the eye!

3) I used my Lancôme Liquid Artliner Eyeliner & created a straight stroke from the inner lash line to the outer corner of my eye

4) I created a flick using a point that is diagonal from my outer eye corner & created a stroke from my outer eye to that point! ( Key for a crisp & thin outer flick) !!!



I teamed my look with MacMineralize Blush in Warm Soul 

The Mineralize blush from Mac, is light-weighted & appears fresh & Natural & the Warm soul will work perfectly with most skin types as it is a neutral mid tone beige with gold pearl!



& brought subtle impact to my lips with the use of my NarsVelvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Baroque

photo 2

44e9a752-c6b6-442a-b416-b014d46f0105 to purchase press here!

b_041039 to purchase press here!

10832517-1375365609-491259  to purchase press here!

Urban_Decay_Naked_3_Palette_1390465112 to purchase press here!

MAJE02 to purchase press here!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my Pretty & Natural Make up Look of the day!!

Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L



  1. That Lancôme opaqueness is so impressive—and your flick is so crisp, so enviable! I *still can’t get two flicks the same angle, hahaha.

    1. How about trying with a simple straight line stroke until you get the hang of creating a more ‘flickier’ typed eyeliner line :p When I first started doing eyeliner I began with the straight flick until I got comfortable doing cat eyes :p haha!!

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