Prepped-up Cool OOTD

I am always fascinated with Simplicity & how to bring dimension & excitement to colours people often associate with that feeling!

I am intrigued with the Subtly of Monochromatic shades of Black & White, yet the impact they create when you wear them in unique or unusual shapes & silhouettes!

And so my OOTD (Outfit of the day) is inspired by the simplicity of the Preppy Look yet individualised with my personal touch by the addition of more Industrial    looking & Minimal cut garments!

My OOTD Look is named: Prepped-up Cool

I am wearing a

 Zara Studio shirt with side buckles

Zara Basics – Boyfriend Blazer

Glamorous @ Asos – Full Culotte shorts

Topshop Ankle Boots with A chunky Heel & Gold Clasp fastening

JJDR House of Bijoux Luxe Geode Bangle

Pieces @ Asos- Fovea Love Necklace

Essie Nail Polish – Snake, Rattle & Roll

H&M rings

photo 5-25

photo 2-42

photo 3

& Here I am giving you an Unintentional little Pout 🙂

photo 2 photo 2

& A back viewing!

photo 5-24

My lovely Virgin Pina Colada ❤ with my JJDR House of Bijoux Luxe Geode Bangle

photo 5

To purchase any of the pieces above see below!

luxe geode bangle 5013 to purchase press here!

image4xl to purchase press here!

2377657251_1_1_1 to purchase press here!

2129335800_6_1_1 to purchase press here!

Screen shot 2014-05-10 at 13.34.08 to purchase press here!

repstyle_snake_rattle_and_roll to purchase press here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Prepped-Up Cool OOTD

Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L



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