I am inspired by Pastels today & my NOTD (Nails of the Day) is inspired by the Cherry Blossom flowers on a Japanese Cherry Blossom tree!

Cherry_Blossom_by_HappilyInsane cherry_blossom_sunset_by_jyoujo-d4ef6qm

My NOTD Look is named: Simplicity

I used O.P.IHeart Throb

photo 2

In terms of application, I found it more useful to apply 3 coats of Heart throb, for full coverage, as 2 coatings didn’t fully appear finished!

The O.P.I Nail polish is a bit more watery than other nail polishes, but all in all after the 3 coatings you will get a beautiful pastel coloured pink, that is wearable with many clothing & accessory combinations!

photo 1


contlena499004498-nocolourto purchase press here!

Lots of love ❤

I am Serene L


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