I am a devoted lover/ user of Liquid eyeliner as all of you must know & my FOTD (Face of the day) Look was definitely inspired through my love of this & mostly by the double flick eyeliner look!

I was also inspired to do this flick through an Image of Lana Del Rey that I saw, and thought! Oh wow this make up look definitely draws attention to the eyes!

Here is the image below

Lana Del Rey Obsession Cover

I mean how striking does the eye area look in that image right??

I firstly used foundation & my Silk Oil of MoroccoPure Mineral powder Foundation in Cream (for light/ medium skin tones) to buff my face & prepare it for my eyeshadow & eyeliner 🙂 I used my Loose Powder Brush to buff the Powder foundation on my skin

A little bit about The Argan Oil infused Powder Foundation, honestly it was enriching on the skin & buffed on with ease, also it’s not fragranced so there is no irritation that will be caused to the skin & the Argan Oil is nourishing for the skin too!!!

photo 2-62

Then I began prepping my eyes!


Above is a swatch of the Eyeshadow I used named Trick from the Naked 3 PaletteUrban Decay

I place Trick on the base of my eyelid (all over) blending in gently with the brush available in the Naked 3 palette & placed it along the lower lash line also!


& then I created a double flick using my MacPenultimate Liquid eyeliner pen!

1) I created a straight lined stroke along the upper lash line using the eyeliner & continue the straight stroke a little further on from the outer corner of the eye

2) I created a secondary flick beneath the top stroke using a point from my outer corner of my eye to a point that is shorter than my top stroke


& completed the look with a bright red Lipstick, I used YSLRogue Pur Couture in Le Rogue 01


I am also wearing my JJDR HOUSE OF BIJOUXGold ID Necklace!!!


Screen shot 2014-06-05 at 12.25.42 to purchase press here!

Urban_Decay_Naked_3_Palette_1390465112 to purchase press here!

I hope you enjoyed my Lana FOTD Makeup Look

Please do keep up to date with my Social Media




Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L



    1. Please do feel free to ask 🙂 In terms of application I usually use one of those mirrors and sitting down definitely helps when applying ! < maybe thats just luck 😝 I use one hand to open my eye & usually apply the liner in 3 – 4 strokes!! Cannot do it all in one go 🙂 I hope that helps sweetie!! x

      1. NP babe I give credit where credit is due & considering if I use a eyeliner like that it looks like mr squiggle did it you deserve a huge pat on the back.. Lol xxooo

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