Did the Sun Kiss me? MOTD / Focus on Bronzer

I am very excited about a bronzer I’ve discovered from Silk oil of Morocco & I’ve decided to create a MOTD ( Make up of the Day) Look based around the bronzer!

The Silk Oil of MoroccoMoroccan Glow (Bronzer) is a great Make up tool to use in combination with your foundation / Powder

What is great about the Bronzer:

Contains cold pressed Organic Argan Oil

Suitable for all skin types

– Great for enhancing features

photo 2

Uses of the Silk Oil of Morocco Bronzer:

1) I use it mainly on my cheek bones & Temples to enhance the appearance of these areas, and make them appear more defined!

2) I also use the Bronzer, with a primer to use as a tinted moisturiser on some occasions, If I want to look sun kissed, yet do not want the hassle of wearing a Foundation for the whole day!

In my MOTD Today I’ve mainly used the Bronzer to highlight & enhance my cheek area!

In light of the theme behind my Blog post I’ve named my MOTD Look:

Did the Sun Kiss me?

Here is the finished Look!

photo 4photo-60s

For my Cheeks, the main focus of this tutorial:

I’ve applied the Silk Oil of Morocco Bronzer – using a Blush Brush to apply this onto the apples of my cheeks in an upward motion towards my ears!

I’m using the Moroccan Glow (Bronzer) in Shade Light

Below is a visual example of how I hold my Blush Brush to apply the bronzer onto the cheek area!



For my eyes:

I’ve placed a little photo of which way I hold my Liquid Eyeliner to apply it onto the eyelid to help you get an idea of how to apply it easier, if you like me struggle to get a perfect stroke line!!!


I usually hold it diagonally, & pull my eye gently to help create a smooth base for an eyeliner stroke!

** It’s great to tip the eyeliner pen diagonally when creating a thicker stroke

& to hold it straight up when you’re trying to create a thinner liner stroke!

I’m using Lancôme – Artliner to create my look > you might all know my obsession with this product! But I promise you, that this is the best Liquid liner product out there!

& here is the finished eyeliner look!


& for my Lips:

I think I love Red a bit too much, so this seriously is the colour I wear the most!

I decided to opt for a Red Lip to complete the look


I created my Lip look using – YSLPur Rogue Couture Golden Lustre in 111 Golden Red



Screen shot 2014-06-20 at 13.12.45to purchase press here!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my Did the Sun Kiss me? MOTD Look with a Focus on Bronzer

Do you like wearing Bronzer?

Please also keep updated with the latest I am Serene L news through my Social Media Channels ❤




Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L



    1. Thank you so much Darling! I hope the Eyeliner Angles help out when applying 🙂 it feels more comfortable to create the strokes when you play around with the different angles you hold your pen!! X

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