Manomai Face Serum / The Results

I am dedicating todays post to talk about the results I’ve found by using the Manomai Around- the – clock Face Serum I initially spoke about in a previous posting!


To view the previous posting ‘Manomai Facial Serum‘ press here!


Above is a swatch of the Around – the – Clock Serum to view its consistency!

I’ve been using the cream for just under a month & have been finding the results are more visible in the long term!

The Manomai Facial Serum is definitely a product to be used over a period of time, I wouldn’t recommend this to be purchased for a short-term solution for reducing imperfections & creating moisture!

I’ve been using the ManomaiAround-the-clock Face Serum for Blood Type O

I applied 2 pumps of the Serum on my face on a daily basis, once in the morning & once in the night! I found that instantly I felt refreshed, & hydrated!

One pumping is enough, as it releases quite a generous amount of Serum!


–  found that it reduced any outbreaks of Future Acne outbreaks

Hydrated my Skin

–  Skin appears more Glowing

Healthier Skin from the Natural Ingredients / Vitamins in the Serum

Reduced Redness within my areas of my Skin

The cost of the Serum is also an efficient investment, you will be spending about $80 on a 30ml Bottle that will last you at least 6 Months+

I’ve been using the content for about just under one month & at least more than half the Serum content is still available to use!

Heres an example of my face from one of my Make up Postings, to one of my more recent Makeup Postings!


Above: an image of my face before I began to use the serum on the 17th May, from a posting named ‘Stay Natural Feel Natural FOTD‘ – to view press here!

I began using the serum on the 27th May!photo-43

& Above: a image of Make up of the day from my most recent posting on the 20th June named ‘Did the Sun Kiss me? MOTD / Focus on Bronzer‘ To view press here!

I can see the results, in terms of my facial appearance, can you?

I see a great deal of improvement has been made in my skin colour to improve colour difference, redness & even Acne!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Manomai Face Serum / The Results Posting!

& Please do Keep Updated with the Latest I am Serene L  news & updates via my Social Media Channels





pic_1382038516To purchase press here!

Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L 



  1. I’ve never heard of this brand but their concept sounds really interesting! I love reading about unique brands like this, hopefully I’ll get to try some of their products soon 🙂

    Cecilia x

  2. Oh Lovely, I will definitely look into trying out this Serum, it looks like it will do wonders to the skin! 🙂 Thank you for the great post!


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