What’s in my Bag Today: Tie Something Pretty on it!

I am inspired by the idea of Multi usage today, and the theme of my bag content & Styling is definitely a result of this!!!

I’ve taken a normal bag, & styled it by tying a gorgeous scarf around the chain of the handle!

Instantly an edgy Monochrome Bag appears more delicate!


This Inspired the idea behind: Tie Something Pretty on it!

However, I also really wanted to share the content of what’s in my Bag today with you all also! 🙂


I am very excited about my H&MSnake Print Bag, as it looks like something designer for a fraction of the price!

+ Styling a cheaper option will always highlight its features & make it look more unique!

I tied a Monochromatic Mini ScarfEleanor J Shore on the handle, and instantly within minutes it looks more unique (something different to all the other copies of the bag out there)!!!

So what’s in my Bag you ask?

I am carrying:

a bottle of Highland SpringWater  < Water is just one of those things you will always carry with you, for me I guess it’s second nature!

Barry MGelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Damson < In case of chipping, I cannot stress enough to you how much it annoys me if my nails gets chipped & I don’t have the polish in hand!!!

The Body ShopCoconut Hand Cleanse Gel < This smells Heavenly!

a cute Jewel encrusted Pen I bought from a market a while ago! If you are going to carry a pen, why not make it your own, by carrying one that is really individual? 🙂

Ark SkincareAge Prepare, Skin Vitality Moisturiser from the Discovery Collection < What’s amazing about the discovery collection, is that all the products are travel sized, which is perfect for on the go!

I will be going into more detail about the Discovery Collection by Ark Skincare in a later Post 🙂

Glamour MagazineJuly Edition with Nicole Kidman < You never know when you’re trying to purposely try & dodge someone? or if you’re really bored & just want to look at pretty pictures of clothes, I guess carrying a magazine is great for multi usage!

a Hair ClipH&M


a mini hairbrush

W7 MakeupLong Lasting Makeup Fixer < this tool is an epic tool for fixing your makeup in place, I’ve tried & tested it & it will keep your makeup looking fresh for almost 16hrs+

& Go Go Get Glossed Lipgloss

LancômeRogue in Love Lipstick in Pink Bon Bon

** If I’m carrying similar toned Lipsticks/ Lipglosses I will always layer them together to create a more personal lip colour!

MacSelect Sheer Pressed Powder

& Finally my ChanelJoues Contraste Powder Blush in Rose Pétale


90354m_l  to purchase press here!

168990_a_LARGEto purchase press here!

ap_discoverycollection to purchase press here!

b_25301w_3605533127957 to purchase press here!

gelly_nail_paint_27_113522e to purchase press here!

For more about Eleanor J Shore – press here!

& for more about the W7 Makeup cosmetics range – press here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my What’s in my Bag Today: Tie Something Pretty on it! Post!!!

& Please do keep up to date with the latest I am Serene L news via my social media channels




Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L 



  1. I always love your Bag Content, and the idea of accessorising & styling your normal bag is definitely a point which I’m going to explore!

    I cannot wait to try that out & some products you’ve highlighted especially that Lipgloss/ Lipstick combo


  2. Absolutely Love love love love the content of your bag, every time you post about what’s inside! Please keep making these posts!

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