Green With Envy FOTD Makeup Look

I am really inspired by the colour green today. However, I am not the kind of person who is daring enough to wear it in such a bold way. Instead I’ve opted for a more subtle dark green, for my eyeshadow. But instead of it just being plain it has glitter within the pigments, and teamed it with a dramatic eyeliner Look!

In light of green being the theme for the FOTD( Face of the day) Makeup Look, being green. Instantly a saying just hit my mind & what came up was

‘Green with envy’

So the name of the Makeup look coincidentally is named:

Green with Envy 

Here is the finished look!


& Here is the step to step guide of what I used, to achieve this look!

I usually start with the eyes, so I first began to prepare the eyes & didn’t want to use too much green, so I decided to keep the use minimal & opt for using it only on the lower eye!

I am using a Benefit Shimmer Powder in Mint Julep < This product is discontinued  but I found it in my makeup bag, unused & thought Oh no what a beautiful eye colour to waste, so I used it in my look!


& here is a swatch of the Benefit Shimmer Powder on my skin!


& I used the shimmer Powder on the lower part of my eye, to create a subtle line of shimmer that is not too overpowering & yet brings a little bit of drama to the eye!


I created a dramatic Eyeliner Look using my Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black

What’s great about the skinny liner is that the nib stays perfectly in position to prevent smudging! A great quality to create a precise stroke!

& completed the Look with my W7 MakeupLashtastic False Liquid Lashes Mascara!

The wide brush of the Mascara enabled a more dramatic application to create a more dynamic eye look!


For my Lips I created a smooth base colour to not overpower the eyes & opted for a lipstick from Lancôme

Lancôme – Rogue in Love Lipstick in Pink Bon Bon

I use this lipstick a lot & love the effect it has on my lips! I dabbed of the excess lipstick to create a more subtle lip look! & to remove the excess of shimmer in the lipstick to create a more matted look!


& here is a swatch of the Pink Bon Bon on my hand!



I then completed the look with a little spray of my W7The Fixer Face Spray 


This product is great & long-lasting it will fix in your makeup for a very long time without melting off & creating patches < Great for applying makeup in hot weather conditions!!!


skinny_liquid_blackweb2-450x810 to purchase press here!

b_25301w_3605533127957to purchase press here!


For more information on W7 Makeup & where to buy – press here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Green With Envy FOTD Makeup Look

Have you used any of the products above to create a makeup look? & if so what are your thoughts on Green for an eyeshadow?

& please do keep up to date with the latest I am Serene L news & updates via my Social Media Channels




Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L



  1. I love the Eyeko eyeliner too. The summer issues of magazines are always my favourite ;D I love how subtle the shimmer is on the lower lash line! It looks beautiful! x

  2. I like the black eyeliner. Have you tried that kind of look in brown? It might complement your complexion more than you expect.

    1. Definitely if you stay tuned my next makeup tutorial incorporates a lot of browns & I also have a few makeup tutorials already using bronzes & browns if you would like to check them out, thank you for the kind words 🙂 xox

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