Makeup Tells a lot MOTD / Focus on the Importance of Coordination!

I am sharing my makeup look, I created for my Nude Envasion / Using Nude as an Accent Colour OOTD (Outfit of the day) previously in my last post!!!

To quickly look at my Nude Envasion / Using Nude as an Accent Colour Outfit of the day press – here!!!

& here is the completed look!

photo 5-49photo

It’s always important to coordinate your Makeup with your outfit in order to bring the whole look together, as your makeup is just as important as accessorising!

So for today’s MOTD ( Makeup of the day ) Look & Name it’s important to address makeup as part of your complete Look & that inspired the name for todays look:

Makeup tells a lot  / 

Focus on the Importance of  Coordination

I mainly focused on Nude Accents in my Outfit of the day, and created my makeup look in connection to Nude!

What goes well with Nude you say? Well I found out through trial & experimentation that Bronze / Brown tones coordinate really well with Nude, without drawing too much attention from your outfit ( but of course still bringing drama & attention to your face) !!!

Here is a close up of my completed Makeup Look!

photo 2

So of course for the eyes I kept the look intact with this theory & opted for a bronzed smokey-esque eye!

& here is my step to step guide of creating the eye look!


1) Prep the eyes – I used my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion


2) Base Eyeshadow – I used Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes Eyeshadow in E105 / Deep Warm Taupe to form the base colour on my eyelid


Here is the swatch for the Ellis Faas Eyes Creamy Eyes Eyeshadow in E105 / Deep Warm Taupe


If you’re wondering about the intensity of the Eyeshadow colour, please don’t get put off! It feels like silk on the eye, and will not feel or look too intense on the eyelid! It goes a bit more subtle, and the creamy nature of the Ellis Faas eyeshadow is great for applying onto the eye, without the need to blend! < Heaven for time!

Here is how it translated onto my eyelid

3) Filling in the crease – I used Liar from my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette to fill in the crease of my eyelid. I created dimension by adding Glitter to the area and to create definition around the matted base eye colour.

Here is the Swatch for the  Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette in Liar 


& Here is Liar on the Crease of my eye

& blend in the two Eyeshadows using a blending Eyeshadow brush!

4) Applying your Eyeliner – I opted for my handy Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black from Eyeko & then coating the bottom lash line with Trick Eyeshadow


I’ve elongated my thin Eyeliner stroke to a point just further below the inner corner of the eye, to create a bit of drama & to define the eye. This is perfect for the thick eyeliner stroke you will be creating on the outer bit of your eye to form the wing!

This is what I mean, I hope you can see my eyeliner stroke!


Here’s another little close up!


4) Finally coat your eyes with Mascara, I’m using my Maybelline   Big eyes Mascara & Voila your eyes are completed!


& it’s important when you’re going for a subtle eye look, that you will bring attention to the lips by using a pop of a bright colour!


You can never go wrong with a bit of red lipstick, and as far as I know, Red Lipstick suits EVERYONE! & I am an avid lover of the Red Lipstick, so for today’s makeup I completed it all with a bit of a Red Lipstick!

I used my always & forever loved YSL –  Rogue Pur Couture Golden Lustre Lipstick in 11 Red


367-3003701-92208_M to purchase press here!

elfa0030f_1_m to purchase press here!

urde0809f_1_m to purchase press here!

eyek0004f_1_mto purchase press here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Makeup Tells a lot MOTD / Focus on the importance of Coordination Look

Have you used any of the products above to create a makeup look? & if so what are your thoughts on subtle Smokey Eyes?

Is Red Lipstick an Essential buy for every Makeup bag?

& please do keep up to date with the latest I am Serene L news & updates via my Social Media Channels




Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L



  1. You look great! The make up accentuates your natural beauty and the expression of your eyes, you’re an artist! Just wanted to tell you how you inspire me and how much I learned from your blog. Thank you!
    Best wishes,

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