What’s in my Bag today: ‘Germaphobe’

I am often called a ‘Germaphobe‘ because I carry all the necessities to stay feeling fresh on a day out. I carry nothing out of the ordinary & I don’t think it’s in bad taste to always have a cleansing wipe or an antibacterial gel handy, for times when you’re faced with ‘Germy’ situations!!!

So todays bag content is definitely inspired by this, and that we should not be ashamed of our cleansing needs!!!

& this inspired the name for my What’s in my Bag Today post:


Here’s what’s inside:

photo 4

What’s in my bag today:

CuticuraCucumber & Garden Mint Hand Hygiene Gel < I always, and will always carry an antibacterial hand sanitising gel. It’s perfect for when you’re on the run.

NiveaDry & Sensitive Skin Gentle Facial Cleansing wipes < So Refreshing, a perfect cleansing wipe to wipe of your makeup, if you need to reapply or even when you’re out and about and your face needs a little freshening up! These wipes are not heavily fragranced and will not cause irritation to the skin!

Leighton DennyNail polish in Crème de la crème < You probably do know about my obsession with carrying my nail polishes around, in case I need a little touch up. I dislike chipping.

Ellis FaasHot Lips Long-wearing Liquid Lipstick in Deep Pink < Oh this Liquid Lipstick is wonderful, light & Fluffy & best of all very Long lasting! I will be doing a more thorough review of the Ellis Faas Hot Lips collection in a later post 🙂 !!! < But it’s heaven on the lips!

EyekoSkinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black < I carry my eyeliner sometimes when I’m rushing for time & need to go over any lines I’ve not gone over precisely! Purely because I’m a perfectionist & would get annoyed if it didn’t look right!

A packet of Tissues < I’m always sneezing whether it be through hayfever, or from anything haha! So it is definitely handy to always carry a packet of tissues

Viktor & RolfFlowerbomb Perfume

MacSelect Sheer Pressed Powder  < Always carry this life saver around, you never know when you need a makeup touch up!

Viktor & RolfFlowerbomb Body Lotion < I find it really convenient to carry a scented body lotion around, when you don’t want to carry a heavy perfume (when you’re on the run) it will keep you smelling divine & will moisturise/ Hydrate your skin at the same time :)!!!


MulberryZip around Gold Leather Purse 

Hair Clasp/ Hair Pins & Hair band

W7 Makeup The Bronzer 

Bronzer Brush


image-handler.ashx to purchase press here!

elfa0099f_1_mto purchase press here!

1949165to purchase press here!

8846720565278to purchase press here!

skinny_liquid_blackweb2-450x810to purchase press here!

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 16.17.53 to purchase press here!

THE-BRONZERto purchase press here!

M02222 to purchase press here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my What’s in my Bag Today: ‘Germaphobe’ Post!!!

Do you carry any Germ fighting Beauty Essentials with you on the go?

& Please do keep up to date with the latest I am Serene L news via my Social media channels




Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L



  1. I totally agree with you, there’s nothing wrong about being prepared for a “germy” situation! I’m the same way, I carry hand sanitizer plus a bunch of other cleansing necessities with me everywhere. Awesome post!:)

    1. Thank you very much darling! It’s better to be prepared then to wake up with a rash / Disease the next day – What’s worse is when someone sneezes without a tissue !! Oh the germs that are flying everywhere ! Haha 🙂 x

  2. Great post! We have a lot in common when it comes to what we carry in our bags lol I actually did a whole post on “creating a beauty emergency kit” lol 🙂

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