Ellis Faas: Hot Lips Liquid Lipsticks Review / Ombre Lips Tutorial

I am a lover of lipsticks, and for todays review I am looking into the Hot Lips Liquid Lipsticks Range – Ellis Faas.


I  can safely tell you that I am loving the Hot Lips Liquid Lipsticks Collection from Ellis Faas.

In a product you first look at the appearance, then the texture/ feel & then the smell possibly & the Ellis Faas packaging really doesn’t disappoint. The silver pen appearance of the makeup product makes the application of the lipstick feel even more luxurious.

What’s great about the Hot Lips Liquid Lipstick pen is that not a lot of product is wasted during the application process! Usually with most liquid Lipsticks a lot of product is wasted in the bottle of the product & the applicator cannot do magic and scrape the edges of the bottle 😦 !!!

However, The Twisted section of the pen releases just enough lipstick pigment for one coating, & what is great about the brush tip of the pen, is that the lipstick will not dry onto the pen, to leave the brush feeling harsh!!! < AN AMAZING QUALITY I MUST SAY 🙂

The Hot Lips Liquid Lipsticks are packed with pigment, so that means it will last longer, as you will only need a small amount to apply!

It’s Non Greasy, and feels like silk on the lips, It immediately dries (but doesn’t dry up your lips) Instead leaves them feeling mattified & creamy!


Above is the swatch board for the 9 different shades available in the Ellis FaasHot Lips Collection

The Hot Lips Liquid Lipsticks are:


Suitable for all Skin Types

Non Greasy

Paraben Free 

Non Sticky

& Not tested on Animals


I’ve used the Hot Lips Liquid LipstickEllis Faas in shades

L407Deep Pink

Here is the swatch!


 & heres how the Deep Pink looks on the lips!



L409Pink Nude

Here is the Swatch!


& heres how the Pink Nude looks on the lips!


I’ve also gone one step further & mixed up the two shades to create an Ombre Lip, heres my step to step guide of achieving an Ombre Lip using the Hot Lips Liquid Lipsticks!!!

1) Usually you would need to conceal/ Add Primer to your lips to create a matte base, and to prevent feathering on the lips! < Because bleeding across the lip area would ruin your beautiful creation!

I just lightly pat on some concealer on my lips

2) the next step is to shade the darker colour which would be Hot Lips in L409Pink Nude on the outlines of the lip!

3) Then use the lighter shade of the Hot Lips in L407Deep Pink to fill in the middle section of the Lips


& then your Ombre Lip is complete! There are many ways of achieving different combinations and styles of Ombre Lips, so play around with the shading until you get a perfect style to suit you!!! ❤


elfa0099f_1_lto purchase press here!

elfa0101f_1_lto purchase press here!

I definitely recommend using the Hot Lips Liquid LipstickEllis Faas, and definitely worth an investment in for your makeup bags!!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Ellis Faas: Hot Lips Liquid Lipsticks Review post!!!

Have you used any of the Ellis Faas Hot Lips products, or any Ellis Faas Cosmetics products?

& what Liquid Lipstick brands do you use, or do you recommend?

& Have you ever experimented with an Ombre Lip?

& Please do keep up to date with the latest I am Serene L news via my Social media channels




Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L



  1. Oh wow your lips look so Good!!! & that Ombre Lip is something I will definitely be trying!!!!

    & Those Pens look amazing!!


    1. Definitely, Very Long Lasting, they reduce in shine, but mostly the pigment stays on for longer than 10+ hours ! 🙂 & you’re very welcome I hope you use them again, they feel like silk on the skin, not very heavy & not Sticky < a bad quality in liquid lipsticks! x

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