Nars – Shanghai Express Lipstick Review / Happy National Lipstick Day!!!

I am in love with Red Lipsticks as so some of you may know I usually opt for a Brighter Red Lip!!!

However, I wanted to explore both ends of the Spectrum (the Red Spectrum) & Opted to try a NarsSemi Matte Lipstick in Shanghai Express.

Before I go into talking about The Lipstick, It is National Lipstick Day, I mean how co-incidential it was, that my review on the Nars Lipstick is posted on a National Lipstick appreciation day 🙂 !!!

The Shanghai Express by Nars has a Deep Dark Red Hue or also called Burgundy in its appearance!


& here are the Swatches of the Shanghai Express, (Left): Under Indoor Lighting & (Right): Under Outdoor Lighting

DSC06332 DSC06334

However the actual colour of the Red is actually a warm deep Brick Red, when you apply it onto the actual lip! ( So if you are looking for a Dark Red, it’s best you apply the actual lipstick on your lips before purchasing, instead of purchasing it directly).  < It is Still Dark, but not a Deep Deep Burgundy, only a Medium Weighted Burgundy.

Initially I was very weary about wearing a Darker red, as I thought the shade would make me appear more pale. However, after trying a few shades some Darker, some with brown undertones I saw that the Shanghai Express enhanced & complimented my quite Pale with a tinge of yellow Skin tone colour.

Here is how it looked on my Lips!


& Here is a completed Look I created with the Lipstick, just keeping the eyes simple with an earthy Brown colour on the eyes & a simple Cat eye.

photo 5-56


9a949d17-9687-48b3-bb1f-84ce484b6f1f to Purchase press here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Nars – Shanghai Express Lipstick Review!

Have you used it before?

& what shades of Red are you rocking???

& Happy National Lipstick Day Everyone!!!

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Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L 



  1. Seriously Love this Shade on you, I usually wear a bright Red too, but you’ve swayed me to try this one out ❤ !!! xxx

    1. You’re so welcome! & thank you for the kind words 🙂 I’m glad I’ve inspired you to put on your reds & Flaunt them, Red has a special Power in it that will bring forward confidence & happiness :-p xox

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