What’s in my Bag: The Compact Edition

I am in love with Messenger bags, as they are practical, compact & offer a hands free holding policy.

& I am all for holding bags, without actually holding them up!!!

So for today’s What’s in my Bag, I’ve opted to show you what I carry inside a compact bag, you can carry with you on long trips, or if you’re out all day and need a small bag option.

In light of this, I’m carrying an amazing River Island Satchel Cross body bag I picked up last week at a bargain price of £20 to show you what I carry inside my bag: The Compact Edition.

photo 1

Here’s what’s Inside my Bag:

River IslandBlack Textured mini Satchel – | HERE |

NarsShanghai Express Semmi Matte Lipstick – | HERE |

Nougat LondonNourishing Hand Cream – | HERE |

Mini Hair Brush

MacSelect Sheer Pressed Powder  Compact / with Mirror – | HERE |

Leighton DennyNail Polish in Viva La Diva – | HERE |

Bobbi BrownNatural Brow Shaper Brow Mascara in Mahogany – |HERE|


An Ice cold bottle of water ❤ < Got to keep hydrated in this weather, and the ice cold nature just makes the water taste even better.

Ellis FaasHot Lips Lipstick in Deep Pink L407 – | HERE |

Ellis Faas – Mascara in Black E401 – | HERE | < You never know when you need a little Mascara pick me up!

LYS LondonCollagen Moisturising Gel – | HERE |

Viktor & RolfBon Bon Perfume – | HERE |

Palladio BeautyHerbal Lipstick in Smokey Rose | HERE |


Hope you’ve enjoyed my What’s in my Bag: The Compact Edition Blogpost!!!

What Type of bag are you carrying?

& Have you used any of the products above?

Please do keep updated with the Latest I am Serene L News & Updates via my Social Media Channels




Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L 



    1. Hahaha, thank you gorgeous 😀 I’m even scared thinking about what squeezes inside! But the one tiny thing that can annoy me is looking for something, once it’s neatly organised and stacked in there to fit :p , but what can I say I’m a huge fan of small bags too xoxox

      1. ooooh! you’re talking about the “quest”! the quest for lipstick, or my car keys… or whatever!… that’s definitely annoying but I’m used to it… oh, well! almost! 😀 🙂 xx

      2. Hahaha yesss the endless quest of searching and laying out your objects, because that particular one you’re looking for is in the bottom haha!! :-p xox

    1. Ah thank you gorgeous, Absolutely I love how much more expensive it looks, than what it actually cost 🙂 & ah the Ellis Faas Products are beyond amazing, I really hope you get to try them ❤ xoxox

  1. Hey, even though it looks like you’ve been nominated for an award..I’m going to nominate you for another one. Because you are obviously just that good! It’s the ‘Beauty Blogger of the Month.’ You can check it all out on my blog!

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