L.A Skincare – Skincare Essentials Review

I am very excited to share a recent Skincare discovery I’ve come across – L.A Skincare.

The L.A Skincare range is a beauty product range developed by Beauty Expert Louisa Ashforth. With over 14 Years of Beauty Therapist experience enabled Louisa to create a range of Paraben-Free, 100% Naturally preserved Beauty Products.

I’ve recently been testing a Sampler size of the 5/6 L.A Skincare Beauty products available. Each product is created to be completed as part of a daily skincare regime. With Each product needed to be used in steps to achieve the desired result.

All the L.A Skincare Products are:

Paraben Free

100% Naturally preserved

Produce Real & Long lasting results

Be of an Efficient Price

Environment Friendly 

photo 1photo 3

I will be talking about the different products in order of when you will use them:

STEP ONE: Cleanse

The Facial Cleanser – Is a foaming type of foam cleanser, a small amount is needed to be dispensed in order to achieve great cleansing results. The product is essentially used part of a morning & night time wash cleansing ritual.

***However, if used with a Cloth, you can essentially use this product as a Makeup Remover too. You can dispense a small amount of the cleanser onto a Muslin Cloth & remove your makeup. After ensure that all the product is washed off using warm water. 

What’s inside?

The Cleanser contains Salicylic Acid – which encourages Skin renewal & aids the removal of old skin cells, which essentially will reveal a softer & more youthful skin underneath. 

Lactic Acid – enables a quick release of Moisture, which will cleanse the skim without stripping it of its natural oils.

***What is a key decider about this Product, is that usually with Cleansers, you are often told a Toner needs to be purchased however, with the L.A Skincare Cleanser you will not require a separate toner as the Cleanser is a Rinse off type. As you are using water as the naturally effective toning agent!!!

Here is a swatch of the Cleanser:


STEP 2: Exfoliate

The Facial Sugar Scrub – is a Deeply Nourishing (and sweet smelling, might I add) Scrub containing Natural Brown Sugar. It also contains a high percentage of nourishing essential oils to leave your skin feeling Luxuriously soft & smooth!

I always am conflicted with Exfoliators as some are tough on the skin, as the exfoliating Beads could be quite big & rough. However, after using the L.A Skincare Exfoliator I can safely say that the beads are soft, and will work in a way to soothe your skin ( as well as exfoliate ). It definitely will not cause any irritation, especially with Sensitive skin like mine. 

A small amount of Exfoliator is needed to be applied directly onto the face, for effective results. Rubbing & lathering the product onto your skin, softly using a Circular motion. After this ensure that you have lightly removed the product using warm water & pat gently using a cloth. 

Here is a Swatch of Exfoliator:


STEP 3: Purify

The Chocolate Enzyme Peel – Is a Mask that will deeply penetrate the epidermis of your skin! That will peel away dead areas within your skin cells. The Enzyme Peel contains the Detoxifying properties of Cocoa to purify & refine skin, which will work to help minimise the effects of ageing. The Peel will help to build the Elasticity within the Skin, leaving your skin to appear younger < Plus it smells like Chocolate, HOW AMAZING?!

When looking for a great Face Mask, you have to search for a product that you will not need to use more than once a week, & that will effectively work within the period of the one week until the next application. I’ve found that with the L.A Skincare Enzyme peel, that you are essentially using a product that will last for a long time, as one application a week will keep your skin feeling renewed & feeling alive.

Here is a Swatch of the Chocolate Enzyme Peel:


STEP 4: Moisture

The Hyaluronic Moisturiser – Is an all in one Moisturiser & Eye gel that will tighten the surface of your skin, and eye region to reduce the effects of wrinkles & fine lines.

With age your bodies Natural Hyaluronic Acid is reduced & so the L.A Skincare Moisturiser helps to replace missing Hyaluronic Acid to help tighten skin & make it appear fresher & younger looking.

The Moisturiser also contains – Argireline which produces an effect onto the skin that is similar to the effects of Botox. This will give an instant ‘ FACE LIFT’.

& Matrixyl 3000 – Which essentially will work to replace missing Natural Skin Matrix, that will reduce due to ageing.

Here is a Swatch of the Hyaluronic Moisturiser:


STEP 5: Treat

The Revitalising Serum – A Serum that will help to restore the Skins Natural Glow. It will essentially reduce the effects of dull & tired Skin, leaving it feeling Luxurious & Hydrated.

The Revitalising Serum contains – Natural Oils that will penetrate quickly within the Skin to help boost Collagen production for a fuller & fresher appearance within the skin. 

The product is perfect for all skin types, and should be used after the Cleanser! Only a small pumping of the product is enough to fulfil the needs of the Serum! & Will require you to lather the product onto the skin in a circular motion to achieve maximum results of the product!!!

I adore serums, because they are fast absorbing, and essentially will work with your skin for a fast response, to work against dullness within the skin. Leaving your skin appearing Fresh, Glowing & Healthy!!!

Here is a Swatch of the Revitalising Serum:



Facial Cleanser – | HERE |

Facial Sugar Scrub – | HERE |

Chocolate Enzyme Peel – |  HERE |

Hyaluronic Moisturiser – | HERE |

Revitalising Serum – | HERE |

I hope you’ve enjoyed my L.A Skincare – Skincare Essentials Review Blogpost!!!

I’m really interested in knowing what you look for in a Skincare product? & if you would use an All-in-one Product ? Or purchase specifically targeted products aimed for different areas in your skin?

Please do keep updated with the Latest I am Serene L News & updates Via my Social Media Channels




Lots of Love ❤




  1. Wow, that chocolate enzyme peel actually looks great! I bet it smells heavenly. I would love to try that out!!!

    I usually buy One all in one product, but I am willing to invest into products that will be cost effective as well as last long. That way I will be spending less in the long run, instead of having to replace products all the time ( that would be problematic)

    Thank you for an amazing post!


    1. Absolutely It definitely will cost less in the long run, and worth the money you do spend, as you will require less of the product ( to use ) 🙂 thank you for the kind words xox

      & yes ah the smell is amazing of that Enzyme Peel! Worth the purchase :-p

  2. Wow, I need to try these products out. the Cleanser seems like a dream, I can use it as an all in one makeup remover too! Perfect xxx

      1. You say it’s soft on the skin!! But I usually find with all exfoliators that they will be a tad rough, any help with this? 🙂 x

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