Ellis Faas – Skin Veil & Beauty Tips on Getting the best Foundation Results

I am always on the look out for a great Foundation that will fulfil all the demands that I (and what most people) would look for, to go about my daily life in a more efficient way ( well at least in my makeup routine) !!!

& that brings me onto my latest Beauty Discovery, and one of my most recent loves!

the Ellis FaasSkin Veil FoundationΒ in s101l


Before I go into the details of what I love about this Amazing Foundation here is a swatch of the Skin Veil…

|Left| Under Indoor Lighting / |Right| Under Outdoor Lighting

DSC06532Β DSC06534

What I love about the Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation:

1) Isn’t a very runny type Liquid foundation > perfect for Longer lasting results. It feels Matte & Thicker than other foundations ( but still feels light on your skin).

2) Gives Full Coverage without feeling too heavy on your skin.

3) Light & fluffy texture.

4) Contains SPF-15 > Amazing for when you need a bit of added protection for your face. ( When the sun is out)!!!

5) Lasts Long on your skin > I’ve kept my Skin Veil on for 10+ hours and will stay on your skin without any fixing spray or setting powders added on top!!!

6) Best of All It Reduces Shine!!!! That is the holy grail of any Foundation for me. I usually have a lot of shine on my T-ZONE area & am always looking for products to help reduce the effect!!!

The Ellis Faas Skin Veil, completely reduces shine & sort of creates a flawless & Airbrushed base. < Perfect!

& these are purely the reasons why I am crushing on this Product, need I say more?

& on that note, it is very rare to find a foundation that will have all those qualities in one product & with that being said, I recommend this product for all skin types, whether it be dry, combination, oily, sensitive, red or normal skin < as this product will suit all the skin types & work to your skins needs!

& Here is the finished Look after Using my Ellis FaasSkin Veil, I think it creates a flawless complexion & I am in love ❀

photo 5

Here are my Howto Beauty tips on applying Foundation to get the best results:

Using the right tool is the first most important tool to getting the best results when applying Foundation!

I usually use my 187 Duo Fibre Brush from Mac to apply my foundation!

> It distributes the makeup evenly

> Feels soft on the skin

> the Fibres don’t cause irritation to my skin

Best of all, NO STROKES/ LINES are in sight when applying any liquid / cream foundation using this brush!

Β ***After applying your makeup onto your face, Work outwards using the Brush in Circular & upwards motions to spread the foundation onto your skin! Always starting from the the Middle of your Face (The T-ZONE)

For Instance when you apply it Downwards and From Outwards in lines you are completely distributing the Foundation unevenly on your face!


This will lead to:

> Uneven areas in your skin ( where the foundation hasn’t been applied properly

> Strokes/ Lines on your face again from uneven distribution

So please do avoid starting from the outer parts of your face, when applying your foundation!

***Try to not place your foundation on your eyelids if you are not wearing eyeshadow! < Trust me when you apply foundation on your eyelids when you will not be putting any eyeshadow, this will make you look tired & will make you appear drained out!

However if you are placing eyeshadow, you can definitely use it as a base to hold the eyeshadow instead of an eyeshadow primer!!!

***Also if you really don’t want to invest in a Foundation brush, then a great alternative are makeup sponges! they will distribute your foundation in a more clean approach instead of using your fingertips & they are a very great option in terms of efficiency & price!

Here is an example of the sponges I would use if I am not using my Brush to apply my foundation!!!


Ellis FaasSkin Veil Foundation in s1o1l – | HEREΒ |

Mac187 Duo Fibre Brush – |HERE|

BootsSoft Foam Puffs x 3 – |HERE|


Hope you’ve enjoyed my Ellis Faas – Skin Veil & Beauty Tips on Getting the best Foundation Results Tutorial!!!

I’m interested in finding out what you look for in a Foundation!

So if you have a bit of time, can you take my poll so that I can create a future post on What you look for in a Β Foundation πŸ™‚

Please do keep updated with the latest I am Serene L News & Updates via my Social Media Channels ❀




Lots of Love ❀

I am Serene L



  1. Awesome review! I’ve been looking for a new foundation for a while. I’m saving my money at the moment, but when I have the cash to splash on Ellis Faas, I’ll definitely be picking up this!

    1. Definitely is one of the more expensive buys, That thought has crossed my mind a couple of times, however you use less of this foundation for a longer time πŸ™‚ I hope you get to try this out!! Such a great buy!! :-p & thank you for the kind words lovely xoxox

  2. Such a great Review! Thank you for adding the Poll cannot wait to see what the next Foundation post will be about!!

    I need to try this Foundation, looks like an amazing buy ❀ xxx

    1. thank you darling, ah I’m so excited for the poll!! Looking to get some great results on what next to post about!! Hope you love the Skin Veil as much as I do πŸ™‚ xoxox

      1. Your welcome! It looked so gorgeous on your skin :’) I will do when I can afford it. I hope so too β™‘

      2. Ah well I’ll be sure to try it when I can afford it πŸ™‚ your welcome. It looks gorgeous on your skin β™‘

  3. Great review, it really suits your skin tone. I have never heard of the brand before, but after reading your review I’m quite interested in trying out the product. I think I might have to look into buying this foundation πŸ™‚ xoxo

    1. Thank you :-p you’re so kind! The Ellis Faas Brand is a Makeup Artists Brand and all the products are award winning products used on the runway !! So extremely Professional products !! I love them πŸ™‚ hope you love them as much as I do xoxox

  4. Great tips! I have never been able to apply makeup with anything other than my fingers. I’ve tried brushes, expensive sponges the lot, nothing can blend like my fingertips. Think the body heat helps πŸ™‚ xx

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