I am always a pro supporter of new brands with great beauty products. So when I heard of Aqua Aria I seriously needed to give their Cleansing bar a try (or I will miss out).

The generous team at Aqua Aria delivered over their signature product the Porcelain Cleansing Bar to me all the way from Singapore to me here in London!


What I look for in a product is whether I can use it on a daily basis as an All in One in replacement to using a load of products to target different problems I have. I have an oily T-zone & quite sensitive Skin so what I found helpful with the Aqua ariaCleansing bar is that it targeted both problems in just one product!!!

I used the Porcelain Cleansing bar for a period of 2 weeks, that is how long the product will last if used twice a day as part of your daily skincare routine! The Cleansing bar instantly foams when you lather it onto your face with water!

It is called Porcelain Cleansing Bar for a reason – because it literally rubs of your face & leaves it feeling Shiny (Squeaky) < Even makes the Squeak sound when you touch your face & I absolutely LOVE THAT ABOUT THIS PRODUCT!!!

Nothing is more satisfying than when a product actually delivers and stays true to its name. The Aqua Aria – Porcelain Cleansing bar contains minimal ingredients which is great because nothing is worse than piling on a load of ingredients onto your sensitive face ( a recipe for disaster).

All the Ingredients within the Cleansing bar are as follows:

Sekken Soji (JTN) <  an ingredient created from Fatty acids in Animals, Vegetable oil and Sodium Hydroxide. This is a soapy material which causes the cleansing bar to foam.

Squalane < An extract from Vegetable oil that has little stickiness & causes no irritation.

Glycerin < A colourless, Odourless natural oil.

Bentonite < The Clay used in the cleansing bar containing many minerals!

Here is the Cleansing bar after you mix it with water!


Results after 2 weeks of use:

My complexion and Oily t-zone have vastly improved. I saw a massive improvement in the oil of my skin! This would have been less effective if I used the product once a day I think (as I used the product once a day on 1 day of the 2 week period & I noticed the small difference using it twice a day would make)! It leaves your skin feeling like Porcelain. Leaving it glowing & fresh, without shine, and is a great product to prepare your skin for a day with or without makeup on top!

It caused no irritation to my skin and is Fragrance free. The Cleansing bar even removed waterproof mascara, but you have to be careful not to get this product in your eye because accidentally it has gone into my eyes & it causes a really bad irritation! < My tip would be to lather around the eye & avoid direct eye contact in this case. Then you can pat your face dry with a cloth / towel to maximise the effects of the cleansing bar on your skin!

I definitely recommend this product to at least try, as it is suitable for all skin types! & is a great investment beauty product to be used as part of your daily skincare routine!

I’m also running a Giveaway with AQUA ARIA Giving 3 of my Readers the chance to win a Full sized Porcelain Cleansing Bar!!!

All you have to do is Go on Instagram & Regram the Image below with #IAMSERENELAQUAARIA & Make sure you are following both @Aquaaria & @Iamserenel to Enter!

photo 1

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photo 2

The Competition Closes on 24/09/2013 & 3 Random Winners will be Chosen! So Good Luck ❤

For more information on Aqua Aria Brand – | HERE |

***If you are interested in trying out the Cleansing bar you can use my Discount Code | AASerene10 | for a 10% Discount upon purchase on the checkout!!!

Aqua AriaPorcelain Cleansing Bar – | HERE |



I hope you’ve enjoyed my Aqua Aria – Porcelain Cleansing Bar Review & GIVEAWAY!!!

Would you choose an All in one beauty product to use as part of your Daily Skincare routine or would you buy different products to target different problems?

Please do keep updated with the latest I am Serene L news & updates via my Social Media Channels




Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L 



      1. This definifely looks amazing! I’ve never heard of Aqua Aria before But I am willing to try it out 🙂 thank you.


  1. I have been looking for cleansing bar, as they said the liquid type usually requires more preservatives and chemical in it. Plus the bars can travel with you as a carry on without problem with airport security. So this is a much welcomed post:) Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. You are most very welcome! Yes absolutely 🙂 you would definitely be able to carry this around & wash your face on the go! Feeling refreshed when you’re at the airport / Airplane 😝 🙂 xoxox

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