Nude Lipsticks – THE 411

I am really excited to share with you all my favourite picks for Nude Lipsticks.

Following on from my previous Blog post: Red Lipsticks – THE 411 I wanted to share with you all my nude lipsticks too, because when I’m not wearing Red then I’m always in a Nude / Pink coloured Lipstick!

I feel like Nude lipsticks are perfect for every lady, & by talking to my readers I’ve found that I’m not the only one that opts for the colour because of its simplicity and natural finish it gives to a makeup look!

There is a huge selection of Nudes out there and it doesn’t have to only be the type of Nude Lip Kylie Jenner popularised ( although I am huge fan of that muted sort of Nude)! There are lots of earthy nudes with brown undertones, Brighter nudes with hints of pink & even flesh coloured nudes!

I wanted to show you all a wide variety of different Nude lipsticks I’m loving at the moment and help you get an idea of what kind of Nude lipsticks you might want to try too! Theres a huge variety of lipstick shades out there waiting for us ladies to try out!

I also wanted to share products that are of different price points as I wanted to show you all that you can wear and Rock a Nude Lipstick no matter what your budget is!


DSC_0636  DSC_0666DSC_0641

|| Swatches: From Left / Right ||

Ellis FaasHot Lips in L409 PINK NUDE, MAC Mehr, Sleek CosmeticsBarely There, Makeup RevolutionThe One, Lord & Berry Lipstick Crayon in Earth

Ellis FaasHot Lips in L409 PINK NUDE 

A dark pink toned Nude lipstick with gloss for a shine finish. Perfect for those that want to experiment with their typical nudes and go for something a little more edgier and different!


Here it is on my lips


MAC – Lipstick in Mehr

This is your versatile nude. Mehr has pink undertones with a subtle pale nude coloured lipstick. This can be worn for every day & even perfect when teaming with a more dramatic eye to keep all your makeup looking in sync. Mehr has a matte finish, a quality of the lipstick that I adore!


Here is an OOTD With Mehr on & a close up of it on my lips!



Sleek Cosmetics – Lipstick in Barely there

This nude lipstick has peach undertones. I love this modern take on nude lipsticks and would definitely rock this shine finished lipstick for night time!


Here is it on my lips


Makeup Revolution – Lipstick in The One

This is your Flesh coloured Nude lipstick. With a shine finish and a price tag of £1 you will not be disappointed! I would wear this nude lipstick when I’m going for a fresh faced look!


Here it is on my lips


Lord & Berry – Lipstick Crayon in Earth

A matte version for the Sleek – Barely there lipstick & more of a brown/ orange type nude in comparison, this one is perfect for everyday use!


Here it is on my lips


Ellis Faas – Hot Lips Lipstick in L409 Pink Nude – | HERE | £23.00

MAC – Lipstick in Mehr – | HERE | £15.50

Sleek Cosmetics – Lipstick in Barley There – | HERE | £4.99

Makeup Revolution – Lipstick in The One – | HERE | £1.00

Lord & BerryLipstick Crayon in 20100 Earth – | HERE | £10.00


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Nude Lipstick – THE 411 blogpost!!!

What Nude lipsticks are you wearing?

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Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L



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