|Quay Australia| LANA Sunglasses

I am really excited about today’s blogpost, as I’ll be sharing with you all a Sunglasses Brand, that I’ve fallen in love with all the way from Melbourne Australia, called Quay Australia!

Quay Australia has music inspired roots, Melbourne flair, and many adventures abroad, Quay Australia has become a favourite for people with; fearless style, a carefree attitude and a fresh perspective.


I personally love the brand for its quirky fluorescent coloured lenses, and even quirkier frame selection! I adore the affordability of the range and managed to pick up my ON – TREND cat eyes with a pink fluorescent frame for just £25.00 // 50.00 AUD!!!

***Bare in mind, I purchased them in store at TopshopOxford Circus and they were £25.00 & online they retail at £30.00.

I’ve purchased LANA in the Pink / Green lense version, but if you’re not into funky coloured lenses they also offer a Brown lense with gold frame version in the same Style

The minute I laid eyes on the LANA Sunglasses, I fell in love. They do say Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t purchase…. and that is exactly what happened!!! I Regretted not having them in my life, so I just had to go and purchase them :D!!!

Here they are on ❤

Screen shot 2015-07-27 at 14.29.03

Quay AustraliaLANA Sunglasses – | HERE | £25.00

You can also check out the Quay Australia website here for more information on the brand!!!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my |Quay Australia| LANA Sunglasses blogpost!!!

Have you heard of Quay Australia before??? & what sunglasses are you rocking this summer???

Have you been haunted by the things you regret not purchasing recently??? :p


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Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L



  1. those Lana sunglasses look amazing on you! they have such an interesting shape. Plus, I really like those reflection lens.
    Did I mention they look amazing on you!

  2. Very quirky and fun indeed. My face shape is so funny that I tend to stick with the traditional stuff (I have the hardest time finding sun glasses because my cheek bones are so high and my nose doesn’t have a proper bridge). These looks fantastic on you!

  3. I’m always haunted by the things I didn’t buy! 😉 These sunnies are FIERCE. Love the style on you and they have such a great name.

    1. Thanks Lovely, I am always, always haunted by the things I haven’t bought :p! So I end up buying them! 🙂 absolutely I think the name ties the theme / quirkiness and style of the sunglasses xoxox

    1. Hehehe thanks so much Shireen 🙂 I definitely get haunted by the things I dont buy :-0! You have to try out some cat eye shades! I think they’ll suit your face frame lovely. Thanks again ❤ xoxox

  4. Wow, these are gorgeous and look amazing on you! I keep seeing this brand all over the internet and I love their sunglasses, but I had no idea they were so affordable! Definitely going to be looking into this! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Thanks so much Kate 🙂 I am surprised I haven’t heard of this brand till recently! 😀 I’m a huge fan & will definitely buy more in the future as they’re very affordable! 😀 xoxox

    1. I never heard of this brand, before I came across it in Topshop oxford circus either 😀 ! Thank you so much Alina, you reallllly need to get yourself a pair ❤ 🙂 xoxox

      1. I had no idea Topshop stocked them till I went in the flagship store! 🙂 you can also check them out online 😍😍😍😍😍 & OMG the price of them is ridiculously AMAZING!!! Xoxox

  5. I really wanted these ones for my holiday but neither asos or topshop have them anymore! I got the gold asha shades in the end and they’re amazing too. I’m in love with Quay Australia!!!

    1. Ohhh I’ll check out the Asha ones But I think I know which ones you’re talking about, ohhh the gold frame sounds amazing ❤ I found these Lana ones in store luckily! Maybe try in store in the Oxford Circus branch if you really want to get your hands on them 🙂 xoxo

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