I am really excited to be sharing with you all my latest day out at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London with my man Asta.

I absolutely love visiting the V&A it’s an incredible sanctuary of art that combines a mixture of different art pieces from across the centuries and the world & I love its unique display of modern / classical art selection.

Me & Asta walked across the rooms that were inviting us to enter by their marbled flooring and pillars and bronzed handles! the V&A Building was a piece of art in itself to just look at! We fell in love with the Glass room at the V&A… it was our favourite room amongst the rest including the spectacular Japanese room, the Architecture room, the Medieval Renaissance room which was full of spectacular sculptures & the Jewellery room! Which was a little bit disappointing as we were not allowed to take photographs for our own record but in person the jewellery on display was breathtaking and absolutely striking with pieces attained from different cultures and centuries! A room that I would definitely recommend checking out if you visit the V&A!

I dressed in a casual outfit for the day & wore a gorgeous over shirt I picked up from Primark a couple of weeks ago! I absolutely love the design for this over shirt, it’s perfectly light for the summer to wear and will add a bit of colour and dimension to your look through the snake print design on it! I wore it with a beautiful Zara black chiffon top I have been wearing on and off since buying a couple of years ago & with a pair of smart skinny trousers with 2 golden front featured zips from Primark & kept in the theme of the gold accent look through the fastening on the trousers by wearing my favourite on trend Rose Gold Adidas Superstars Trainers that are just perfect for walking around London, whilst still looking chic & a pair of my La Moda Rose Gold West Coast Sunglasses!!!


For more information on the V&A and upcoming events please click here!

V&A: Cromwell Road
London, SW7 2RL

| Photography was taken by  Asta |

I hope you’ve enjoyed my V&A blogpost!!!

Have you visited the V&A Museum recently??? Do you recommend any places to check out around London??? And if there are any art galleries or exhibitions that are happening at the moment around London???

Have you bought into the Rose Gold trend this season???… what colours are you wearing this Autumn???

Please do keep updated with the latest news & Updates via my Social Media Channels❤







Lots of Love❤

I am Serene L



    1. Aww thanks so much Ivana ❤ 🙂 you're so sweet! You should definitely check out the V&A when you're in London! it's a must see Arts Museum! I'm glad you've loved the photos ❤ 🙂 xoxo

  1. You both look amazing Serene, love your snake printed shirt & the photo gallery is gorgeous. Love the white vase it’s amazing xxx

  2. I haven’t visited V&A, whenever I am in London, it feels like I don’t have time for anything since I have so much in my list 🙂 How amazing the marble stairs and the walls look… Love the print of the shirt, it looks different and chic! I still haven’t got into the rose gold trend yet, there are so many things I want to try, I don’t know where to start ha ha 🙂 x

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. You have to visit it :p I have so much on my list to see as well & very little time to see it all 😦 thank you so much sweetie! I adore the Marble stairs & the architecture at the V&A it’s absolutely beautiful! ❤️ hahahahaha with the rose gold trend there is so much variety out there you’re spoilt for options! :p xoxox

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