Spectrum Collections – The Glam Clam Mermaid Dreams Brush Set

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Welcome back to my blog, I Am Serene L!!! Today is a really exciting blogpost, because it’s all about these amazing Spectrum CollectionsThe Glam Clam Mermaid Dreams Brush Set :D….. !!! (a set that I have wanted for many many months) <3

& a month ago my best friend Ghaida had gifted me the set for my birthday, I’m so blessed and grateful to have her in my life, because regardless of what she buys me or does for me… she is an incredible and dear friend of mine! THAT ALWAYS HAS MY BACK <3! I love her!!!

This Glam Clam Mermaid Dreams Brush Set is the first product I’ve tried from Spectrum Collections & it will not be the last, believe me!






The set is an absolutely gorgeously packaged piece of art in its own right <3 I absolutely love the purple lilac shell the brushes come inside, and I love the rose gold zip around detailing and gold logo on the front of the Glam Clam <3 :D!!! It just adds a bit more of a Glamorous wow factor to the brush set, and it’s really distinctive to recognise as a Spectrum Collections brush set!!!

… and once you enter inside the Clam, you are welcomed by 10 absolutely amazing brushes from their best selling products <3… included in the set there are the following brushes:

B01ย –ย Flat Top Buffer (to apply cream foundation)
A01ย –ย Large Domed Powder ( for finishing of a look with finishing powder)
A05ย –ย Precisionย ย (for defining your cheek bones and temples with Blush or Bronzer – I mainly use bronzer)
B03ย –ย Buffing Concealer (for concealing under the eyes and areas that need to be concealed)
A06ย –ย Large Fluffy Shader (for shading in cream and powder shadows)
B06ย –ย Tall Tapered Blender (to contour the eye area)
B04ย – Small Angled Blender (to add shading on the outer crease and corner of the eyes)
A17ย – Angled Brow (to fill in the brows and create a defined brow)
A15ย – Lip Liner (for shading in your lips with a lipstick)
A09ย – Angled Eyeliner (to create that perfect cat eye)

Before I talk about the brushes, I want to admire the Lilac, pink, blue and rose gold appearance of the brushes, I’m in love with the Ombre bristles on the brush and they just look unreal and out of this world… They look so beautiful in my makeup brush pot, they seriously stand out!!! They’re just incredible…

…and I know you all want to hear about the brushes themselves, they are seriously great quality and so soft on the skin. The bristles in the Glam Clam Mermaid Dreams Brush Set are so easy to transfer makeup products onto the face and blends in the products with ease, from using the brushes (talking about the A05 – Precision brush) it picks up just the right amount of product in the first swipe, and enables you to blend it perfectly onto the skin, and I’ve used my Bronzers mainly with the precision brush to define the cheek areas <3 and it’s so so so amazing! I could talk about all the products but another example the set includes the A01 – Large domed Powder Brush, and it works like velvet when you use it to finish off your makeup look with finishing powder, it smoothly blends in the makeup onto your face with ease!!!

There are some brushes that I am yet to explore including the A15 – Lip Liner Brush and the A06 – Large fluffy shader brush (used for shading in powder or cream shadows)!!! … and I will definitely be using them in the near future.

All in all I’m really impressed by the quality of these Spectrum Collections – The Glam Clam Mermaid Dreams Brush Set, and would definitely you recommend trying out the set for an essential brush set collection, and would recommend you try out some of their products as I will definitely purchase products from Spectrum Collections in the near future <3 <3 <3

Spectrum CollectionsThe Glam Clam Mermaid Dreams Brush Set – |ย HERE | ยฃ59.99

I hope youโ€™ve enjoyed myย Spectrum – The Glam Clam Mermaid Dreams Brush Setย Reviewย blogpost!!!

What makeup brushes, or makeup brush sets are you using at the moment??? Have you heard of Spectrum Collections before??? and if you have what products do you recommend I check out next from the brand???

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