Inglot – Freedom System Mattifying Pressed Powder

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Welcome back to I Am Serene L! I’m back to share with you all another Inglot Pressed Powder that I’ve been using … and absolutely loving, which is the Inglot – Freedom System Mattifying Pressed Powder! … I’ve purchased into Inglot again … as I fell in love with the brand before through using the InglotFreedom System Pressed Powder that I picked up during the Olympia Beauty Show in London last year in 2017 … you can read my post about the Inglot – Freedom System Pressed Powder here!

What’s perfect about purchasing an Inglot Pressed Powders, is that the compact you purchase with all the pressed powder’s is a reusable compact and the powder’s come in a refillable tin that can be easily replaced inside the mirror compact! Which is perfect for saving costs and is more environmentally friendly.

I really love the Inglot Pressed Powder’s they’re such high quality products at an affordable price. I picked up the Freedom System Mattifying Pressed Powder, as the lovely makeup assistant working at Inglot showed me the benefits of using the Mattifying Product for my oily skin type.

It was recommended that I try the colour shade 303 (which is a light coloured pressed powder) as I have a pale / light skin tone, and I wanted a bit of coverage with my pressed powder as opposed to just buying the translucent powder.





The Makeup artist explained that using the Inglot – Mattifying Pressed Powder will last a long time on the skin and help to fight against oil for up to 10 hours of wear. It’s more honest to say this product will fight against 7/8 hours of oil from re-surfacing but none the less, you can easily carry it around with you for an easy touch up using a powder puff on the go. The formula is so velvet like on the skin, and is so creamy… so heavenly even swatching it was a dream.

The InglotFreedom System Mattifying Powder is made without oil which is a great powder for oily skin types. The InglotFreedom System Mattifying Powder contains spherical polymers and hybrid silicone powder that provides a natural soft finish effect once you blend the powder onto your face. They also act as mattifiers to help keep the oil at bay :D!!! The best way to use this powder at home, would be to buff the powder onto a Powder brush, using my A01 Large Domed Powder BrushSpectrum Brushes which comes as part of The Glam Clam – Mermaid Dreams Brush set, which you can find my review on them here! 

The InglotFreedom System Mattifying Pressed Powder blends within seconds onto the skin, and as you’re buffing it onto your face and neck, you’ll notice that the powder will create little powder circles on top (which is the oil residue) you can just brush these away to reveal matte, natural glowing skin that will set that makeup for hours upon hours!!!

Here is a swatch of shade 303 in the InglotFreedom System Pressed Powder on my skin below!image11.jpgI definitely recommend trying this InglotFreedom System Mattifying Pressed Powder as it’s very environmentally friendly approach to makeup purchasing, and it’s a long lasting Pressed Powder that’s half the price of the Higher End Pressed Powder’s out there!!!

InglotFreedom System Mattifying Pressed Powder in shade 303 – | HERE | £12.00

InglotFreedom System Palette – | HERE | £7.00

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Inglot – Freedom System Mattifying Pressed Powder Review blogpost!!!

Have you heard of the Inglot before??? or have you used the Freedom System Pressed Powder’s before??? If you’ve used any Inglot products before, can you recommend any products I should check out??? And if you recommend any Pressed Powder’s aimed for Matte skin???

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Lots of Love ❤

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  1. This sounds fabulous for keeping oil at bay – my T-Zone could definitely do with this on long days spent rushing around, haha! Great review as always, Serene 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

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