Origins | Original Skin Mini Matte Moisturiser with Willowherb

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Welcome back, I’m here and I’m back to share with you all an exciting, exciting post and it’s all about the new Origins  Original Skin Mini Matte Moisturiser with Willowherb!!!

How do I begin to share how much I love love love love this Matte Moisturiser from Origins!!! I have been so excited to try it out since I saw the New Original Skin range was coming out in an emailer that was sent to me from Origins!!! … So I had to get the Mini Matte Moisturiser to try it out… cause I struggle with oily skin, and I can get so oily during the day!!! … So it’s important in the skincare routine to use something that will help reduce that shine hehe!







So I have to start with the pink packaging, it’s superrly cute :)! If anything what drew me more into purchasing the Origins Original Skin Mini Matte Moisturiser with Willowherb is the pink packaging and the pink water based cream moisturiser formula!!!  I’m so fascinated by the formula as it’s a water based cream, but it behaves and blends onto the face like cream, but it appears gel like!!! It’s so cooling on the face, and it blends like velvet creaminess (not gel like, like it appears) … IT BLENDS INTO THE SKIN with ease and perfection and feels so magical once it sets in. When you blend in the Matte moisturiser into your skin it is creamy, and once it sets and dries a bit, it instantly feels matte on the skin but not drying … once you touch your face it will instantly feel oil controlled and matted … with just the perfect amount of matte control!!!

I’ve been using the Matte Moisturiser over the past week and I’ve noticed and continue to notice quick results. After using the Matte Moisturiser in the day just before my makeup routine, and at night as the last step in my night time routine. I have noticed a huge difference in the oil control on my skins surface. I’ve noticed that I’m not getting oily as quick, and there is more of a Matte appearance throughout the day. The benefits of the Origins Matte Moisturiser is that it Mattes your face, but in the process still promotes hydration and provides moisture to keep the face luminous, soft and smooth.

I’ve noticed a difference in pore reduction, and a reduction of redness in my skin especially in the overall texture of my face. It has helped in evening the texture of my skin and smoothing it out, whilst the appearance of the pores has reduced especially around the nose area. After a week I’ve also noticed a difference under my eye and the appearance of red under my eye area has also reduced a bit.

What I love about the Origins Original Skin Mini Matte Moisturiser, is that the mini one is a great tester to test out the formula and get a feel for the moisturiser and if it will work for your skin, the Matte Moisturiser is aimed mainly for oily, normal and dry skin tones BUT SAYING THIS… I would definitely recommend this more for oily skin tones. The Origins Original Skin Mini Matte Moisturiser contains Pink Rock Rose for calming, smoothness and relaxation and Willowherb contains Vitamin A & Vitamin C <3. I also love the fresh smell of the moisturiser, it smells like roses but it’s very light and refreshing, and causes no irritation whatsoever on the skin.

I also love the quality of which makeup blends on top of the matte moisturiser. I apply my primer on top of the Origins Matte moisturiser and it blends into my skin with ease, and my skin appears glowy and smooth. My Foundation and concealer also blends so smoothly on top, and I’m so happy with the overall finish and the quality of my makeup as a result of Matte moisturiser application under :D!!!

OriginsOriginal Skin Mini Matte Moisturiser with Willowherb  30ML – | HERE | £15.00


I hope you’ve enjoyed my OriginsOriginal Skin Mini Matte Moisturiser with Willowherb  Review blogpost!!!

Have you used any Origins skincare products before??? What moisturiser’s are you using in the AM & PM??? Would you try the Origins – Original Skin  Matte Moisturiser???

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  1. I’m happy to hear it’s helped to reduce redness across your face, that sounds like something I should try! Although, thanks so much for suggestion it’s better suited to oily skin tones as my skin is quite dry. Totally agree about the packaging by the way haha, SO pretty!! 🙂

    1. It does say it’s aimed at dry skin also, but I’m not really sure if it will as effective! But possibly hehe ❤️😊 aww thanks for the lovely comment Gabrielle 🙂 the packaging is unreallllll 😍! Xoxo

    1. Hahah, awww that’s amazing 🙂 you really have to try this out! What products did you use in High school??? 😀 their products are unreal 🙂 thanks so much lovely xoxo

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