90s Retro

Hey everyone!!!

Welcome back to Surreal Serene…All of you are beautiful, special & amazing, and needed to start this post with a bit of inspiration, & by spreading a bit of love to each & everyone of one you that read, support & spread love on my blog, social media accounts, & in person… ALL OF YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME & I LOVE EACH & EVERYONE ONE OF YOU & APPRECIATE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

Onto the outfit today… Now, now as we all know in London, and around the UK the weather has been quite the delight & so sunny, and being a true Brit you need to fully embrace the heat by going all out & rocking a pair of sliders, and this seasons colours, stripes and all!!!

The trend at the moment is the 90s retro trend, with striped ribbed tops, boyfriend jeans, bum bags & denim overload… & just don’t forget the furry sliders, they are the 90s trend that I really cant get over!!!









|| What I’m Wearing ||

PrimarkStriped Crop Top – £8.00

MissguidedBabe Power Boyfriend Jeans – | HERE | £25.00

PrimarkFurry Grey Sliders – £8.00

TopshopSilver Hoop Earrings – £12.00

StradivariusBejewelled Satin Belt Bag – | HERE | £12.99

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 90s Retro OOTD blogpost!!!

Have you bought into the 90s retro trend for the summer??? I’m Loving Primark … and tend to BUY most of my basics clothes shopping from Primark, do you lovely people recommend any other shops I can check out for picking up basic everyday looks???

Please do keep updated with the latest news & Updates via my Social Media Channels








Lots of Love❤

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 00.25.11.pngXO



  1. I love everything about this outfit from the boyfriend jeans to the fluffy sliders! That so, it’s so bloody hot here recently that I’ve literally no idea how you can possibly wear jeans! It’s airy dresses all day every day for me!

    Musings & More

  2. Ooh I love the 90s vibe to this look Serene – you pull it off so well! The furry sliders are too cute for summer oh my gosh and YES to the car, haha. The perfect backdrop!! Hope you have a wonderful week babe…

    aglassofice.com x

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