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Welcome back to Surreal Serene!!! 🙂 Today will be a summer packed blogpost & how to eliminate the shine, and it will be all about the amazing Glossier  Wowder Finishing & Setting Powder <3!!!

I really love the Wowder by Glossier it’s an absolutely incredible natural finish type of setting / loose powder & I love that it mattifies the skin, leaving you oil free & anti – dew for up to 12 + hours!!!

I love that the powder has a trampoline mesh inside, to release just as much product as you need on your powder brush!!! So you don’t lose product & end up wasting less product. I love the coverage of the Wowder, it gives your a full coverage of powder & sets to perfection on the face with ease!!! You can tap off the excess powder back into the tub, and lightly sweep the powder over your skin for instant matted skin, that looks natural and beautiful ❤

The price is also competitive against other leading loose powder’s out there, including the Laura MercierLoose powder priced at £29!!! The Glossier Wowder is priced only at £18.00!!! I love the difference between this loose powder & others is that the pigments inside the powder adjust to your skin tone colour, and matches your skin tone really well, and keeps your skin looking perfect & natural ❤






|| What’s inside the Wowder ||

Diamond Powder – Light-reflecting particles inside to help work against the flat type of powders inside (To create a natural finish on the skin surface).

Kaolin Clay – Contains the clay to absorb the oil but vanishes into skin so it doesn’t appear on the surface of the skin.

Vitamin E – that leaves the Wowder feeling silky & having a non drying texture.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed and loved using the GlossierWowder, so far with everything I’ve tried they’ve gotten it right & I love this powder, it sets my makeup to perfection with hours of action against oil & keeps my skin looking flawless throughout the day! I love this powder a lot, and it would be hard to find another to replace this at the moment :)!!! I also really love the packaging for this product, Glossier makes everything look so pretty!!! & it makes you want to purchase into the product range more & more by how much effort and time they put into the quality of the products, and their appearance ❤

This is the last part of my Glossier Series, & you can check out the other parts of my Glossier Series below as this is PART 5 out of 5!!!

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Here is my Youtube Video on the WowderGlossier & a live demonstration of the Wowder application!!!


GlossierWowder Finishing & Setting Powder in Light / Medium – | HERE | £18.0


You can claim 10% off your first Glossier purchase, which will be automatically added to your basket when you click my *Glossier link: here!!!

*PR / Affiliate / Link |All items that are Marked with an Asterix are PR / Affiliate samples/Gifts|

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Glossier – Wowder Review + Youtube blogpost!!!

Have you tried the Wowder by Glossier??? Or have you tried any product from the Glossier brand??? What loose / setting powder’s are you using & loving at the moment???

Please do keep updated with the latest news & Updates via my Social Media Channels








Lots of Love❤

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