Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dipbrow

Hii Babbbygirls!!!

Welcome back to my blog, Surreal Serene. I’m Serene & in today’s post I’m going to be talking about the Anastasia Beverly HillsDipbrow Brow Pomade in Medium Brown and about how fabulous it is!!!

I currently use the Armani BeautyEye & Brow Maestro Gel in Wengewood on my brows and have been using it for a year or so… so I wanted to try something different at a more affordable price point as well, as the Armani one is priced at £30.00!!! The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow is priced at £19.00!!! However I managed to pick up the Dipbrow for £15.00 when Beauty Bay put up their up to 30% off sale on their website Wohoo!!! You can tell how crazy I went 😀

I picked up the shade Medium brown, as I had visited an Anastasia Beverly Hills counter and swatched the colour before hand (to inform my decision on what colour would be suited to my brow colour)!!!  In cases where you don’t have a counter near you and need to swatch the colours I would look at online reviews and swatches for the best colour match!!! You can also ask a team member from Beauty Bay to assist you with colour matching!!!





A lot goes a long way, I believe that the Dipbrow is intensely pigmented that you’ll only need a tiny bit of the product for your brows, so you’ll end up saving more money as you won’t need to buy this product so often!!! I love the colour pay off, the brow colours are so natural, and blend with ease on your brows to help fill in those sparse areas and it dries matte on your face, so it won’t budge anywhere once it’s settled into your brows!!!

TIP: You can remove a tiny bit of the excess pomade onto the case of the pomade, as a tiny bit will be needed to coat each part of your brow. Use the excess from the cap to blend into the different eyebrow areas to utilise the use of the pomade as a tiny bit does really go a long long way!!!


The formula is waterproof, and says it can withstand humid climates, however, as It’s the winter time… I haven’t had the chance to see this through, but what I can say, it has lasted on my brows through the rain (haha) and I really do like the natural way it sits on my brows without bleeding!!!

APPLICATION: I’ve applied the Dipbrow on my brows using my Armani Beauty – Double ended brow brush, in future practice I will try it out using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Brush, but I’m happy with my current brush at the moment!!!

I start with the ends of my eyebrow brushing in an upwards motion, and using the brush end to brush and blend in the pomade into my brows to look natural. I would keep applying the pomade gently upward strokes, and brushing around the arches of my brow next. After this I finish my brows using the pomade to apply in upward strokes across the tip of my brow, and brushing the entire brow to finish of the brow look!!!

I really loved and enjoyed using this little Pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills and will continue to use it until something that beats this comes along, as I’m surprised at how amazing it is!!!


(Above): I’m wearing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Medium Brown!!!

Anastasia Beverly HillsDipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown – | HERE | £19.00

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dipbrow Review Blogpost!!!

Have you tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow??? If not what brow products are you using ???

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Lots of Love❤

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  1. I wannnttt ittt!!! Im gonna try yours when i come to see if it suits moii! Lol love you QUEEN! I misssss youuuuur faceee ❤️❤️

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